7 Free Mind-Blowing Websites You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

I am sharing with you seven Mind-blowing amazing and completely free websites that you probably haven’t heard of before and that can make getting your work and your business projects done faster and easier than you ever thought possible starting with the very first website called

7 Free Mind-Blowing Websites You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

7 Free Mind-Blowing Websites You Probably Didn't Know Existed
7 Free Mind-Blowing Websites You Probably Didn’t Know Existed


Pixels is a free and royalty-free content-sharing site where you can search and download a wide variety of photos and videos from different creators to use in your content and activities, which is what makes Pixels so interesting and what I always Recalling the Reasons Site, Things Matter

Continuously provide high-quality content for the website for free

It’s also royalty-free, meaning there’s no ongoing fee to creators for using the content. This is important because it means you can use your videos and images freely without having to pay later.

Exploding Topics

Topics: Business owners and entrepreneurs, marketers, content creators, or just a curious person then Exploding topics is a site where you really want to know about what is essentially an exploding topic, see what other people are searching for, and then present it in an engaging way Easy to understand dashboard With these tees, you can use the search function to see how different keywords, ideas, and trends are performing in your personal market or industry, or you can just scan the front page to see what’s blowing up.

Answer The Public

Answer the public is a powerful consumer intelligence tool that combines queries from Google and Bing and presents them in what it calls a search cloud. These search clouds summarize the questions users ask on search engines through different devices and organize them into categories like “what, where and why”, which is useful and interesting because it gives you an idea of ​​the questions posted on social media platforms and online groups so that you can come up with ideas for things your audience might be interested in, you just put in something related to your market, business, industry or even a hobby and it returns a list of FAQs and Keyword results.


Stripe is a very robust website for processing payments, providing billing and setting up recurring subscriptions, and various other things.

Stripe is one of the best, most secure, and most well-known. I won’t name names here, but there have been rumors before that other payment processors are freezing your funds and freezing your accounts, making these issues difficult and sometimes impossible to resolve.

So if you’re a freelance small business consultant or thinking about starting your own business, Stripe is a great way to get started without having to set up a separate merchant account and pay monthly fees like you would with PayPal or Square. What I really like is that Stripe provides detailed analytics so you can see which programs or products or services or courses or whatever you sell contribute the most to your company’s overall revenue and your most valuable revenue find offers and match them Give to your most valuable customers or customers so you can do more of the things that make you the most money and less of them.

next, let me share with you one of the coolest design websites available that makes a great alternative to having you go out and learn and master and download and pay for Photoshop the website


I’m sure you’ve heard of Canva, it’s an awesome tool for designing images for social media or blog posts, with thousands of templates to choose from. You can even edit your photos and add text boxes and fully customize them with different fonts, colors, sizes, and various styles, but if you want more but are not ready to step into the wild and wonderful world, what should Photoshop do to sneak in? Well, this is where Photopia comes in. It’s a free, web-based version of Photoshop online that gives you access to the same features and functionality, but without downloading them or paying ongoing subscription fees. However, what I really like is how I can use it to edit PSD files, Photoshop files are AI files for Adobe Illustrator not to mention XD and Sketch, PDF files are xfc and raw, and a whole bunch of others.

Canva is still a great option if you want the simplicity of plug-and-play templates, but for more advanced customization, photopia is a great site.


Metrocool is a social media management and scheduling and scheduling and analytics software that basically lets you manage most of the social media networks you want to post to, from Facebook to Instagram and Tick Tock to Twitter to LinkedIn and Twitch, and even from Pinterest dashboard and interface You can schedule and manage your posts You can choose which platforms to post on You can even manage your social media ad campaigns.

Moz Keyword Explorer

When it comes to optimizing your content and website, there are some fantastic and very powerful SEO tools out there. For example, Semrush is a powerful tool but costs over $100 per month, and it also caters to a very specific market that, luckily, is probably doing SEO professionally.

Moz Keyword Explorer brings the magic of Moz Keyword Explorer to life. It’s easy to use. For example, if I type in the keyword marketing, I have immediate access to all kinds of fantastic information, such as total search volume and difficulty. I’ll get rankings for that term as well as some suggestions for other keywords I’d like to look at, including their monthly search volume.

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