8 Best Video Editing Software in 2022

Professional Video Editing Software in 2022

7 Best Video Editing Software in 2022
Video Editing Software 2022

Best for the high quality video editing software in 2022 to create videos for YouTube, business or some other purpose you have many choices in an earlier video we showed you the best free video editors since then many of you have asked what are the best video editors overall that offer more premium features based on our testing over the last few months. We’ll read you the top five video editors we recommend help you create high quality videos I’ll let you know the features available ease of use and the cost going over the pros and cons of each.

(1) Corel video studio ultimate

Corel video studio ultimate of those in our top five this is the most user-friendly with a well-designed layout making it a great choice for beginners looking to create professional quality projects it includes a ton of useful features and allows you to edit your videos up to 4k with support for 360 degree content unlike most video editors it even includes a built-in screen recorder to capture your screen there are more than two thousand filters and effects for you to play around with and you can easily apply pan and zoom effects to your video to quickly complete a project saving you time they do have a good variety of templates for you to choose from if you plan to create virtual reality content their 360 degree editor makes it easy to resize trim and add other enhancements to your videos it even includes the ability to upload your content directly to youtube and if all that wasn’t enough their audio tools are quite handy and you get access to a library of royalty-free music to add to your projects now for the cons there’s a limit of up to 20 video tracks and the speed to render your projects is not the quickest other than that if you’re not a fan of subscription services it’s a great value with a one-time cost of around a hundred dollars video studio ultimate is only available for windows you’re a mac owner and you prefer to stay in the apple ecosystem without having to use third-party software.

(2) Final cut pro

Final cut pro just might be the best choice for you it while optimized for the newer m1 silicon based max giving you improved frame rates and faster render speeds with the ability to edit your videos up to 8k with no issues it’s feature packed it includes multi-cam editing video noise reduction hdr with advanced color grading a library of visual effects customizable templates and third-party apps are easily integrated to enhance the functionality just be aware if you work with 360 video there’s no motion tracking or stabilization final cut pro is available for mac os only you can get it from the mac app store it’s not cheap at around 300 but at least it’s only a one-time fee if you want to try it out before buying they do offer a 90-day free trial which is more generous than the trials offered by its competitors if you find that final cut pro does not meet your needs I’ll be showing you additional video editors for mac os.

(3) Davinci resolve

They offer both a free and paid version for most people the free version will be all that they need when compared to most paid editors it’s more feature packed but on the downside there’s a steep learning curve and does use a lot of system resources so it won’t work well on low spec computers if your computer can handle it in addition to the standard tools to edit your projects there are advanced tools for color correction motion graphics and audio editing also built in and included is their fusion software to create your very own motion graphics and cinematic visual effects davinci resolve has been used for post-production on many films and tv projects you might be familiar with including dead pool star wars the last Jedi pirates of the Caribbean game of thrones American horror story west world and many others as I mentioned earlier division resolve is free they do offer a paid version called davinci resolve studio for one time cost of 295 it includes additional tools for 3d extra plugins and allows for multi-user collaboration both versions are available for windows mac os and linux.

(4) Adobe premiere

Adobe premiere elements is a stripped-down version of premiere pro that’s a lot easier to use features include transitions face detection video and audio effects music is included that can be added to your projects and now offers additional support for 4k unlike most of the software sold by adobe there are no recurring costs to use premier elements it’s available for a one-time fee of around 100 to try before you buy they offer a

30-day free trial and it’s available for windows and macos.

(5) Filmora

It includes a good variety of filters and effects plug-in support a royalty-free sound library and support for videos up to 4k they do offer a free plan but all your videos will be slapped with their branded watermark their paid annual plans start at around 50 or if you prefer a lifetime license for the current version of filmora the one-time fee is around 117 dollars it’s available for windows and mac os

(6) Imovie

IMovie while not as feature packed as final cut pro is entry level editor pre-installed on mac computers includes templates cool special effects and filters with support up to 4k but does limit you to only two video tracks in the runner-up spot. it’s available for windows and mac os.

(7) Cyberlink powerdirector365

Testing this out for the first time in a few years it has improved quite a bit the ease of use fast rendering and sheer number of features is amazing for its price point it includes over 3000 effects and templates multi-cam editing motion tracking and a built-in screen recorder with support up to 8k what makes this a great value is you now get access to more than 6 million photos videos and music from shutterstock along with access to more than 2 million stock photos and videos from istock with all the features included it can be overwhelming for beginners thankfully they do have useful how-to guides and tutorials on their site that will help you out when you get started its cost is normally around 70 dollars per year and you can often find it for less when they run specials usually i’d recommend going with the lifetime license with most software but in this case you end up losing out on a ton of beneficial features in addition to windows cyberlink powerdirector is now available for macos there is no free trial but they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

(8) Adobe premiere pro

Adobe premiere pro for decades it’s been the industry standard for filmmakers tv editors videographers and a popular choice for youtubers it supports hdr along with footage up to 8k and vr content including 360. You get an unlimited number of video tracks a good amount of transition effects and it plays nicely with other adobe products including after effects and illustrator plugins for various sources can also be added to enhance its functionality some will hate the reoccurring cost each month and its monthly cost is high but if you’re using it for a business or producing content that earns you revenue the pricing can be justified premiere pro starts at around twenty one dollars per month or at around fifty five dollars as part of the creative cloud suite of apps if you’d like to take it for a test drive before paying for it premiere pro does offer a seven day free trial it’s available for both windows and mac os.

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