8 Skills You Must Have As A Front-End Developers In 2022

Hello, everyone in this article you will learn 8 important frontend developer skills can you expert in coding and designing amazing websites to follow these skills?

8 Skills You Must Have As A Front-End Developers In 2022

8 Skills You Must Have As A Front-End Developers In 2022

Basic Coding Skills

Front-end developers must have the basic skills to be able to create functional and secure websites. These are some of the techniques that every front-end developer needs to know.

Some here coding language you must learn it.


HTML or Hypertext Markup Language provides the content layer and the structural foundation of a webpage. It’s the language common to every website. So if you wanna build your own website, or web application, or know how to edit other websites and apps you’ll need to understand HTML.


While CSS defines the overall appearance and style of that website and CSS is short for cascading style sheet it helps determine things like colors font positioning of certain elements and even a little bit of animation in case.


Sass stands for syntactically awesome style sheets and it’s an extension of CSS which adds nested rules variables mixed in selector inheritance and a lot more features now sass is actually written in Ruby and it’s intended to make our lives a lot easier in writing CSS.


JavaScript is a programming language. But one of the things that makes it so unique is that it works in your browser. Most web programming languages ​​run on servers, and all you get in your browser is a simple web page. JavaScript is actually executed by your browser, which makes it quite unique in the world of programming languages.


Typescript is a typed set of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. It is purely object-oriented, with class interfaces and statically typed programming languages ​​like C# or Java.


Document Object Model (DOM). Its programming interface allows you to change, remove, and create website element documents.


Knowing basics are super important but the framework includes pace to your work and makes your work more deployable as a major project that runs on the internet.

Here are some popular frameworks:



Bootstrap is a framework that helps you make your responsive website responsive, which means your website layout still looks good when the window or screen size changes.

_Tailwind CSS

tailwind a massive collection of tiny CSS utility classes for quickly and consistently building good-looking websites CSS is hard to design is also hard but naming your CSS classes in a sane way is virtually impossible frameworks like bootstrap and material address this challenge by creating styles for high-level components things like buttons drop downs and forms tailwind takes a more functional approach by providing you with utility classes that can be composed together to build components like this instead of using the card class like you might in bootstrap you combine utility classes like flex to make it a flex box p to give it padding m for margin and hundreds of others to control things like color shadows and more.


Foundation is an HTML and CSS framework that utilizes a responsive grid. So if you used other frameworks like bootstrap or tailwind it’s very similar it just has a unique and different style



Angular a typescript-based framework for building user interfaces it was developed at Google and released in 2016 as the sequel to angular as an angular developer you hit the ground running with its extremely powerful CLI tool.


React is a JavaScript library for building fast and interactive user interfaces it was developed at Facebook in 2011 and currently it’s the most popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces.


vue j/s it’s a JavaScript framework for building front-end UIs in view you can start simple and then progressively add in the tools and features that you need to build a complex web application at its core.

Designing Skills

A Frontend developer is said to be the link between a UI/UX designer and a Backend Developer. So a Frontend developer is expected to be more creative and skilled at designing things for the web.

You must be skilled in the following


Figma is a collaborative design tool. This means a tool that you can design with your other team members. Figma has joined the list of most popular UI/UX Design Tools in the last 2-3 years. Twitter, Coinbase, Volvo, Spotify & Github are a few companies that use Figma.

_Basic Photoshop

Learn Basic photoshop tools that help your designing skills.

_Color Selection

Responsive Web Design

When coding your website, it’s important to make your website work efficiently on mobile devices and tablets. Most users use mobile phones to surf the Internet.

A Frontend Developers must be

_Well-versed with media queries

_Grid and Flex-Box should be your heartiest Friends

Time Management

Whether you’re just starting your web development career or are already a professional web developer, time management is a skill you can’t live without. You have to use your time efficiently, make the most of your day and finish projects as quickly as possible.

_Maintain a To-do Task list

_Use pomodoro Clock

_Use Notion to plan your interests

Using Web Tools

Instead of doing everything from scratch or using ancient methods, one must be familiar with web tools available online that saves a lot of time and effort.

_Use tools to improve CSS and JavaScript

_Use Code Generators

_Tools to configure Design

_Using Code Optimization Tools

_Code Validator

_Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools


Front-end development tests evaluate the functionality, usability, and graphical user interface (GUI) of an online application or software. It improves the performance of the product and makes it more promising for users.

Must do testing at phases of development

_Performance Testing

_End-to-end Testing

_Cross-Platform Testing

Soft Skills

Communication Skills are equally important as your technical skills in order to convey your thought and ideas to someone. Don’t neglect it if you want to be a better developer and not just a person behind the screen.  

_Listen Before Saying

_Good Speaking Skills

_One Common Language (eg. English)

_Confidence in body language

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