Top 10 Dying WORST Programming Languages- To Learn In 2022

Top 10 Dying WORST Programming Languages- To Learn In 2022

Top 10 Dying WORST Programming Languages- To Learn In 2022
Top Programming Language

ASM Assembly Language

It is said that the assembly  language helps programmer to write the human readable code that is almost similar to machine level language machine level language is difficult to understand and read as it is just a series of numbers assembly language helps in providing full control of what a computer is Performing now let’s look into the advantages that the assembly language provided us it was completely a hardware oriented programming language and it was used for critical jobs it had very less number of instruction lines and it was really memory efficient now let’s look into the drawbacks that made it a completely obsolete programming language it takes a lot of time and effort to write the code for the same it is very complex to understand since the syntax is very difficult to decode and followed by that it had a very complex control flow and the last point the programming language was completely platform specific which means it did not offer the platform independent nature of which the latest object-oriented programming languages like java offered.

Pascal Language

So followed by c plus programming language we have the pascal programming language pascal was almost right with the programming language c and a short time after the basic programming language and all these languages were influenced by alcohol 60 that came out in the year 1960 and these languages were further developed and given many purposes with that now let’s discuss the advantages that pascal had now it had a very good extensive error checking capability followed by that it had variety of data structures in it and it compiled in multiple platforms it had object-oriented programming support now let’s also look into the drawbacks it had which made it an obsolete programming language so the major issues of the pascal programming languages were the first one issues in control flow when you write a complex program using pascal programming language then in sometimes in some specific scenarios the compiler will end up decoding the code in a different manner than what you intended to do it actually followed by that it also had some issues in data structures like arrays then it also had some issues in code evaluation or expression evaluation and lastly it had a lack of good library support so followed by pascal.


So Haskell is a general purpose statically typed purely functional programming language with type interface and lazy evaluation now let’s look into the advantages that Haskell had it was a purely functional programming language like c then it has lazy evaluation so lazy evaluation is something which makes the programming language lot efficient so no evaluation of up code or an expression takes place unless you provide the control flow to that particular statement so this kind of a feature makes the programming language a lot efficient the processor won’t have to waste its Energy trying to be on standby without any command next followed by lazy evaluation we have advanced code safety and finally it offered a high level of safety to the applications now let’s look into the drawbacks which made it obsolete so it had a complicated interface and it was not suitable for critical applications it had a higher learning curve and it was too tough to manage and learn in a short term of time and lastly it lacks widespread

Implementations now followed by Haskell.

Erlang Language 

The Erlang is a general purpose concurrent functional programming language and a garbage collected runtime system so in this particular Erlang language we also had the garbage collector now let’s look into the advantages it provided us it was basically a functional programming language it had a small and simple syntax’s it also had superior tools for packing and deploying of applications it can build robust applications so these are the strong advantages provided by Nolan language now let’s look into the drawbacks that made it an obsolete programming language so it had a tough time to set up and deploy the applications it had no proper library it was really complex in debugging and finally the hiring challenges so most of the developers were not exposed to Erlang programming language and companies had tough time finding developers who had good grip on airline programming language now followed by Erlang.

Coffee Script 

Coffee script is a programming language that compiles to java script it adds syntactic sugar inspired by ruby python and Haskell in an effort to enhance java script’s prefer-ability and readability specific additional features include a list of comprehension and distracting assignment so some of the major advantages that coffee script offered are it was easy to understand the syntax of this language is a very simple form of java script so followed by that it had a novac keyword unlike javascript there is no need to use the keyword before declaring a variable thus it helps to avoid scope declaration issues in a program so followed by no wire keyword we have the no symbols advantage the symbols like semicolons parentheses and curly braces do not play any major role in coffee script instead of these the white spaces are used to differentiate the code inside functions loops etc and finally we have the less code advantage in comparison to java script the lines of code reduces into half benefit less code reduces complexity in the program so these were the major advantages of coffee script now let’s look into the drawbacks that made it an obsolete programming language so it was really difficult to set up the environment for using coffee script it failed to integrate with high-end libraries and it had terrible error reports and it was difficult to resolve exceptions in coffee script.


Objective c is a general purpose object oriented programming language that adds small talk style messaging to the c programming language now let’s discuss the major advantages that objective c programming language had to offer so it is basically mature and well tested programming language since it existed from a long period of time for the apple developers it is really mature and a well tested programming language followed by that it is a dynamic programming language that interprets developer thinking it supports older versions till date and it is a stable programming language so now let’s look into the drawbacks that objective c had it had no exception handling it was low on security and it had limited functionality and a complicated syntax so despite of its drawbacks i said that these programming languages. had a little demand in the current it industry now let’s look into the for analyzing the opportunities for the developers knowing objective-c programming language so when you log into the and provide the objective-c programming language and inside the city some random city like new York NY or Chicago ill let’s select new York so you can see that we have 24 365 jobs available foreign developer who knows objective c programming language this proves that this language might be getting obsolete and fading away but still it does have demand in the mind.

Scala Programming Language

That is the Scala programming language yes you heard me right it is a Scala

programming language so basically Scala is a general purpose programming language providing support for both object-oriented programming and functional programming the language has a strong static type system Scala is designed to be concise and many of Scala’s designed decisions are aimed to address criticisms of java now let us look into the advantages that Scala provided us so basically Scala is both functional and object oriented programming language but mainly it is used as an object-oriented programming language followed by that it has a strong id support since it is inherited from java it does have a strong id support next it is highly functional as discussed in the first point and finally it’s better and developer friendly that means if you are a developer in Scala then you can switch easily back to java as it is inherited from java so you can work on both java as well scale it’s like having a two-sided sword now let us look into the disadvantages which make it an obsolete programming language it is said that the tools in Scala are highly immature and it is complex and hard to learn as well as it has got some limited documentation and limited developer support since it runs on JV it has no true tail recursive optimization as walk around you can use the add the rate trail recording annotation for practical benefits scalar has limited developer pool but while it is easier to find java developers in numbers not every java developer knows what it takes to be a scalar developer in an efficient way so these are some of the major drawbacks that make Scala as an obsolete or fading away programming language followed by this.

COBOL Programming Language

The cobol programming language yes you heard it right cobol is still in demand yet it is fading away so cobol is a compiled english like computer programming language designed for business use it has imperative procedural and since 2002 object oriented cobol is primarily used in business finance and administrative systems for companies and governments now let’s look into the advantages that global programming language had to offer you can use cobol programming language as a self-documenting programming language kobo language can handle massive data processing it is one of the primarily used high level programming languages it is fully compatible with its past versions and cobol programming language can handle bugs in a most effective manner and followed by the advantages now let’s look into the drawbacks which made it go fade away or an obsolete programming language so it had a wordy syntax it is really complicated to format the code it had no scientific applications other than the business applications and lastly it is very slow in compilation despite of these drawbacks we said that it had some decent demand in the iit industry now let’s go back to the and check for the openings for cobol so when we log into and search for cobol job opportunities in the united states of america then we can see 815 jobs available which is like a little less than 1 000 jobs which is also a decent number now in our list the next fading away programming language followed by cobol

Pearl Programming Language

Pearl also known as the practical extraction and reporting language is a high level language that is used for general purpose programming it is a fundamental portability of unix boxes along with many other systems high portability of the scripts is one of the best features that can be achieved if system specific functions can be avoided now let’s look into the advantages that pearl had to offer us so perl includes amazing program dialects good file handling properties file is an open source programming language and finally it is a multi-purpose programming language yet it had some drawbacks now let’s look into them so perl was considered as it has slow scripts and it was having difficult syntax it was really hard to read and finally it had poor argument handling yet we also said that it had some decent demand in the industry now let’s get back to and search for perl so when you see pearl in in united states of america we have 11 287 jobs still awakened for world developers so it is still in high demand in the united states of america yet it is considered as a fading away programming language so followed by pearl 

Visual Basic.Net Programming Language 

So visual or is a computer programming language developed by Microsoft it was released in the year 2002 to replace the visual basic 6. is an object-oriented programming language this means that it supports the features of object-oriented programming which includes encapsulation polymorphic abstraction and inheritance now let us look into the advantages that had to offer so it was really simple and easy to understand programming language it uses a graphical user interface and it is completely appealing it offers component integration and finally it had automatic code formatting also it had some drawbacks now let’s look into the drawbacks which had so it had issues with code

transfer that it is not platform independent followed by that it had a problem with pointers it was inefficient in processing and finally there was a major problem that is job insecurity now let’s look for the demand it has currently in the it industry let’s get back to so when we logged into and search for developers in the united states of america then we found that there are 1756 job openings currently awakened which is a little less than 2 000 so it’s a decent number now it proves that still has some demand in the it industry. 

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