Top High Commission Affiliate Marketing Programs & Products To Promote in 2022

So in today’s article, I’m going to share some best affiliate marketing programs and products that you can start promoting this year to make some money each one of these different products is the things that we’ve announced in the past companies that we work with in the past or affiliate platforms.

Top High Commission Affiliate Marketing Programs & Products To Promote in 2022

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1. VPNs 

SurfShark Affiliate Program

So VPNs can make you a lot of money as an affiliate marketer let’s say you have an affiliate blog there are a lot of people who need VPNs maybe they want to you know watch some Netflix movies that they can’t access in their country or maybe they just want some privacy VPNs tend to be some really great products to promote and you can make a lot of money.


Surf Shark we’ve made thousands of dollars promoting surf shark on some of our other channels on my personal brand and so it’s a pretty easy thing to promote I would say that uh it really kind of flows with like anyone’s personal brand if you’re an influencer if you’re even like a tick tucker or anything along those lines promoting a VPN tends to be pretty easy and can end up paying you a lot because uh looking at the program here for surf shark the commission is 40% revenue share on new sales the cookie length is 30 days. 


So basically if someone clicks on your link and they don’t buy anything for 29 days and then on day number 30 they buy something you can still get that 40 commission the minimum payout threshold 100 bucks and you can see uh you know it’s just overall a really high-quality affiliate program we’ve made a lot of money with them and its one that I just think is great for anyone to get started with if you’re an influencer or you want to put this on your blog and just kind of have this as like a nice little bonus test it out trust me I think it’s going to be worth your while all right.

2. Amazon Associates 


amazon associate
amazon associate affiliate program

Amazon associates platform as a whole you can find so many products to promote through this platform.

Essentially anything that you buy on amazon well you can actually get a commission you can do affiliate marketing for any and all products that are on amazon that are sold on amazon now the commissions on this tend to be a little bit lower anywhere between 1 and 10 commission on these amazon products but we find that affiliate conversions on platforms like amazon they convert a lot better.


So if you get a thousand clicks you might have a lot more buyers than if you had a thousand clicks to some random website that the buyers are not familiar with so that’s why I still like promoting things uh through amazon associates um so definitely would recommend checking it out and signing up definitely doesn’t hurt especially if you want to promote like a book or something random and you’re making like videos or you just want to include as you know like a wheelbarrow in your like blog article about like gardening or something.

3. Taylor brands 


Taylor brand
Taylor brand affiliate program

So look if you’re running an affiliate marketing business and you want to set up a website or you want to create a logo or you want to start the LLC you want to make this official and make this a formal business.

Taylor brands you can get started They help you with so many different business products maybe you want a professional email with g suite or you want to have a digital business card and more.

4. Expedia affiliate 


Expedia Affiliate Program

Expedia affiliate programmer you can make up to six percent now this is really great for anyone in the travel space if you want to get into something like for example we have Expedia verbo which is an Airbnb competitor Travelocity right we have all these different things that are owned by Expedia and you can get up to six percent commission for sending people.


over there so let’s say that you are a travel influencer my goodness you can make a ton of money by sending people over to book their flights through Expedia or to book their flights through a verbo well they wouldn’t be booking flights but they would be booking their stays through verbo and you might imagine getting up to six percent on something that could be perhaps you know to say someone books a trip and it’s a two thousand dollar trip you get six percent on two thousand dollars.


Let’s do some of the math there which is about a hundred and twenty dollars for sending someone over to some of these Expedia products so if you wanna do that you can just go to affiliates. expedia to start just signing up for the affiliate program.


with them here’s a quick tip for you look if you want to find out if a company has an affiliate program literally just go onto google and type in the company’s name and then after that just type in affiliate program and you’ll find that a lot of companies actually have affiliate programs they just don’t really advertise them you don’t really hear about them.


so you just have to go on to google this is how I found Expedia’s affiliate program and we just signed up for it and we’re probably gonna start promoting this on some of our other travel channels that we have it just feels really perfect and just you know outside of that look they have things like car rental companies hotels airlines unique activities so it’s not just like airline tickets there’s a lot of things you can work with Expedia on to promote some of their products and six percent is honestly pretty good.

5. Etsy


Etsy Affiliate Program

So another great option is to become an affiliate with Etsy and promote products that are sold on that platform so we thought about including eBay on this as well but I really feel like Etsy has a better program overall and so with Etsy you can make anywhere between two and four percent of the sales on this platform.


It really just depends on the products that you’re promoting so if you’re promoting 100 products and you can get four or five dollars per product and that’s all profit for you you don’t have to worry about expenses like creating the item or something.

6. Babel


Babbel Affiliate Program

language learning affiliates so something like Babbel here where you get 15 commission uh for when people sign up for babel so uh and also keep in mind that a lot of these are negotiable as well so if you see an affiliate program and you’re like you know what I want to get more than five dollars per sign up on something you can just email those companies and say they can I get ten dollars instead of five and you’d be surprised how many companies say okay yeah sure we can bump up the affiliate rates, especially if they see some good traffic from you.


So I think this one’s really interesting but any type of language learning platform people pay a lot of money to learn new languages and so babel is one of those apps that you can learn language kind of thing like Duolingo but I don’t think Duolingo has an affiliate program but babel does.

Typed in the Babbel affiliate program and I ended up here you can just sign up for their affiliate program.

7. Tube buddy


TubeBuddy Affiliate Program

So we’ve made a lot of money by promoting tube buddy in the past um and what tube buddy is it’s some software that you can integrate with youtube channels so basically we have a channel that helps people grow youtube channels we teach them you know how we grew some about some of our channels and how i gained you know over a million subscribers on my personal brand and we teach people how to do that we help them with it and tube buddy is something that helped me with it and so because of that I decided they let me start promoting? 


They give you up to 50the  recurring commission now says up to 30 but I’m almost certain you can get this even higher closer to 50 recurring commission.


So when people sign up for something like tube buddy right and let’s say that the pricing on tube buddy is you know nineteen dollars and sixty cents per month right you would be getting almost ten dollars a month for life because you sent someone over to tube buddy.



Cj commission
CJ Affiliate Program

This is not one specific company that you’re promoting but rather it’s a platform where you can discover thousands of companies to potentially promote for your blog or for your channel or for your Instagram your tick tock whatever it might be and so I definitely suggest creating an account on 


you’re gonna find so many companies for example look they have over 1 billion monthly reach from their global customers right they have so many different companies that use CJ like see Barnes and noble blue apron hotels office depot j crew turbo tax price line there are so many companies that use CJ as a platform for affiliate marketing.

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