What is Go Programming? How to Get Started With Go Programming | Learn Golang Programming 2022

To quote the indie rock band cracker the world requires another programming language like I require a hole in the head yeah that’s quite funny and sane at the same time isn’t it because right now we have hundreds of programming languages out there however that being said go have infiltrated the development industry like a spreading vine covering everything that comes before it with lush and many ways superior cover of programming capabilities with its rising popularity exploring the little about this programming framework.

How to Get Started With Go Programming | Learn Golang Programming
How to Get Started With Go Programming | Learn Golang Programming 2022

What is go programming?

As per our discussion till the time you must have got hold that goes is basically a programming language right now to build more context understand that go is an open source programming language developed and statistically typed as well as compiled by the employees of Google.

The story goes that Google engineers design go while waiting for other programs to compile their frustration with their toolset forced them to rethink system programming from the ground up creating a lean mean and compiled solution that allows the massive multi-threading concurrency and performance under pressure.

Go is primarily an imperative language that supports concurrency at best it includes some of the best characteristics of object-oriented programming such as interfaces but excludes some of the drawbacks as well go was purposefully designed to leave out the more heavyweight elements of object-oriented programming in that context.

Go is a hybrid language integrating the best features of several languages with a clear expressive type system while staying lightweight and simple to learn go can be used for a variety of software development solutions including system programming general programming and general support it is capable of handling high volume server-centric online services text processing issues and heavy-duty distributed applications. 


Features of Golang Programming Language


That golang is quite flexible because of the language design and the fact that developers took motivation from the c programming language itself also the design of go programming brings the extra dimension of versatility with it.


Go allows multiple processes to run simultaneously arguably this is the goal’s most famous and crucial feature go utilizes the multiple cores available on the system to function in parallelism concurrency makes most sense when separate processes do not rely on each other and where time performance is critical this often is the case with input-output requirements were reading or writing to the disk or network it’s quite a few orders of magnitude slower than that of most complicated in-memory processes.

The go keyword before a function invocation will run that function concurrently which is the best advantage that goes programming language has to offer guys.

Binary Inbuilt

The go runtime provides services like memory allocation garbage collection concurrency support and networking it is compiled into every go binary this differs from many other languages they use a virtual machine that needs to be installed alongside the program to work correctly but that’s not the case with going programming since it has been inspired from c programming itself the inclusion of the runtime directly in the binary makes it exceedingly simple to distribute and run go programs as well as avoid incompatibility concerns between the runtime and program language.

Garbage Collection and Memory Allocation

Virtual machines just as python ruby and javascript are not optimized as of go for garbage collection and memory allocation which gives an upper hand to go programming language go

For Example

Keeps as much as it can on the stack where data is arranged sequentially for significantly faster access than the heap storage allocation used in many other programming languages.


Go comes with a powerful standard library distributed ads package which also reduces importing complex secondary libraries.

Implicit Interfaces 

Anyone who has read solid coding books and design patterns has probably heard the mantra favor composition or inheritance in brief rather than relying on the hierarchical inheritance of properties and logic from a parent class you should divide your business logic across multiple interfaces another popular adage that exists out there is programmed to an interface, not an implementation an API should only publish the contract of its expected behavior but not details about how that behavior is implemented both of these points emphasize the critical role of interfaces in modern programming unlike other languages however interfaces in go are not implemented explicitly but rather implicitly.


Why You Should Learn to Go Programming Language

In recent years you have probably seen some tweets or blogs suggesting that go is superior to Perl python c etc. We have all been using something but the market continuously produces something that has more value than previous versions right if you want to keep an eye on a log then Perl stands out as a better choice.

If you want to send out tweets on a regular basis or want to automate emails python is the highway to go.

If you want to manage data from thousands of concurrent users, in that case, rudimental languages such as java or c++ become the only solutions however now with the incarnation of the go programming language.

This ain’t case no more and to your surprise go can do all of the tasks mentioned above all by itself go ensures that your tool set can be compiled across all platforms and hardware it is incredibly portable and uses a surprisingly basic package management mechanism that just works very fine.

go has been developed by keeping modern software development in mind not everything that is new is good but when a programming language is developed for an exact environment that most of us are utilizing right now that is scalable cloud-based servers that are tuned for Performance a lot of things can go right because go can be compiled on almost any machine you can use it to build a whole web application or a utility to clean up in compile data before processing it like Perl, before it goes is a swiss army knife but one that has stripped off all the overhead and extra junk that has accredited onto programming platforms over the past few decades.

Go with Simple and Lightning Fast

Go has been unique since the very beginning you can learn go in a few hours if you are already aware of the basics of programming and other few languages you will be ready to code once you have mastered its tricks again because it is so fast you’ll want to use it for practically everything you previously use command line interpreters for effectively replacing your bash script python sketches and java efforts.


Vast Areas of Applications

Many companies are adopting go programming for multiple reasons it can be used for game development streaming platform development to achieve high performance and low-performance latency to maintain server architecture and many more


How Different Companies Utilize Golang


It is a ride-hailing international corporation many uber services are built with go uber uses geofence lookups to present its vehicle availability for specific users and to apply charges based on distances the xeofan service becomes uber’s highest inquiries per second that is qps.

Uber uses golang in their application as well as their subsidiaries such as uber aids and jump bikes to achieve high performance and low latency.


Twitch is a live video game streaming platform a subsidiary of amazon the application primarily focuses on real-time video game streaming e-sport competition broadcasts and unique material music broadcasts and other features.

Twitch has also created an RPC framework called twerp which is written in golang and is used to communicate with backend servers the transcoding system converts RTMP streams into hls streams by combining c++ and golang.

Golang is employed to provide its viewers with the finest quality video broadcast possible.


Dropbox is one of the leading cloud computing service providers it uses golang in order to scale its system more efficiently to this end the company migrated its critical systems with python to deal with the problem of insufficient depth of go libraries and to be able to build larger systems.

Dropbox has begun to build its own libraries this allowed them to improve caching improve their standard error interface enables programs to generate SQL statements programmatically and implement fully functional meme cache client libraries that are quite amazing.

Paypal and Netflix 

PayPal’s database was built in c++ which is infamous for its final code complexity making proper maintenance and scaling of the platform completely unfeasible.

PayPal’s development team thus shifted to go programming language to remedy the situation using golang engineers were able to switch simplify and modernize their platform


The most popular tot platform across the globe is using golang to maintain their server architecture on that note let’s understand how you can create the first traditional statement printing program using go.


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