Work From Home Jobs With Categories That Pay 100K$+ Annually

Here a many jobs that allow you to work from home. Check out our list of work-from-home jobs that pay 100K or more annually! We’ve got positions in a variety of industries, so you’re sure to find something that’s a good fit for you. Apply today and start earning a great income from the comfort of your own home.

Work From Home Jobs with categories That Pay 100K$+ annually
Work From Home Jobs

Marketing field Jobs

Marketing Fields Jobs

Growth Marketing Manager

As a growth marketing manager is to improve all the processes that increase a business’s Revenue let me put it this way okay so traditionally most businesses have always used traditional marketing and in this traditional situation the marketing manager is typically only responsible for acquiring new customers and that’s it whatever happens after that if the customer needs help with the product or if they decide to leave after just one month of using the product that becomes the responsibility of either the product or customer success Department however in a company that uses growth marketing instead of traditional marketing as the growth marketing manager you’re essentially responsible for all parts of the funnel.

Now typically most companies hiring for this job will like to see that you have some relevant college degree as well as previous job experience and typically most companies will pay anywhere from 100k to 198k per year with the average annual salary sitting just a little bit below 121k$.

Marketing Technology Manager

The marketing department and the IT department within a company are two very different departments that require entirely different skill sets and so as a marketing technology manager you act as the critical link between marketing and IT this job will require that you be familiar with things like SEO or search engine optimization paid search social media email marketing website lead generation and website optimization and so essentially you’ll have to be a very tech-savvy marketing expert to do this job successfully.

For this job most companies are going to want to see that you have a few years worth of experience or a college degree as of now you can expect to earn between 97k$ and 200k$ per year with the average annual salary for this job sitting right around 125k$.

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Content marketing has become one of the best ways for a business to grow its brand organically online by posting free content like YouTube videos blog posts and tick-tok and so as a senior content marketing manager you’re going to be responsible for overseeing the growth of a company’s online and sometimes even offline Presence by managing the creation and production of content and so you can think of things like helping to plan and develop engaging social media posts plan and create YouTube videos or tik-tok and anything else that’s considered content now many companies will like to see some type of loosely related college degree for this job it doesn’t necessarily have to be a marketing degree but it can be things like Communications journalism or something else.

That’s Loosely relevant and most companies are paying anywhere between 115k$ to as high as240K$ per year for this job with an average annual salary of about

Accounting and Finance Jobs

Accounting and Finance
Accounting and Finance 

Finance Manager

If you become a finance manager you’ll definitely get paid very well but it does come with some pretty important responsibilities for starters your primary job is to manage the Financial Health of a company you’ll be responsible for budget planning as well as supporting the executive team by offering insights and financial advice that will allow them to make the best business decisions for the company and you will, of course, need some college as well as some previous experience to be successful.

At this job as a finance manager, you’ll earn anywhere between 110k$ and 255K$ per year with the average annual salary sitting at about 156k.

Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

FPA manager is to manage the business forecasting for a company essentially you’re just trying to spot Trends and deviations within a company’s finances and then introduce strategies for improvement just recently Apple decided to cut the production of the iPhone 14. and the only reason that Apple would do this is that they can forecast and predict what’s going to happen in the future based on the data that they have that the iPhone 14 won’t sell as well as previous models and most likely the people responsible for actually catching this trend or the actual Financial Planning and Analysis managers at Apple as a result of Apple’s decision 2 cup production they’re likely going to save Millions if not billions of dollars in potential loss of revenue and this is probably part and thanks to the FPA managers now like with most finance jobs companies will typically require that you have some college degree as well as some previous experience and in terms of payment you can expect to earn anywhere between 95k$ and 172K$ per year with the average annual salary sitting at about 150K$.

Customer Service Jobs

Customer Service
Customer Service 

Customer Success Manager 

So your job here is very simple it’s to help build Customer Loyalty with the brand and you do this by working directly with customers to ensure that all their needs are being met and they have the support necessary to achieve their goals typically after a sales team acquires a new customer they’ll then pass that customer along to you to further onboard the new customer and provide support when necessary now fortunately given the nature of this job many companies actually don’t care if you do or don’t have a college degree instead they’ll typically want to see a few year’s worths of relevant customer service experience and in terms of the salary for this job it’s going to fall anywhere between 85k$ to as high as 149k$ per year with the average salary for this job sitting a tad bit under 100K$ per year at about 93k$ per year

Technical Customer Success Manager 

Now as the name implies your job is basically the same thing as a regular customer success manager except with this job you have the added technical skills that allow you to have more technical conversations with customers you’ll likely need to help customers with things like computer configuration email software integration security and system architecture in most cases having customer service experience as well as a bachelor’s degree in some type of relevant major is standard for this job additionally any type of experience in it is beneficial now the standard salary range for this shop is anywhere between 57k$ per year with the average salary sitting at about 97k$ per year

HR and Recruiting Jobs

HR and Recruiting
HR and Recruiting

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist 

So a senior Talent acquisition specialist can either work within a staffing agency or within a company’s HR department and the job will be to identify attract and source qualified candidates for a specific job you do this by using different strategies like posting on the job boards and sourcing from social media website the hiring process can be very difficult even if you have a job that’s paying well over six figures per year and it seems like it’s attractive it can still be very difficult for that company to fill that role and that’s exactly why companies will hire senior Talent acquisition Specialists to help with the hiring process now some companies will require that you have some type of college degree for this job but fortunately, many companies actually don’t and you can expect to earn anywhere between 80 and 150K$ per year with the national average salary for this job is sitting a little bit below 100K at about 97k$ per year.

HR Compensation Manager

Who is responsible for ensuring that fair and accurate pay is being given to the employees of a company in this job you’ll be responsible for things like setting up a company’s pay and benefits structure monitoring Market wage rates to modify and developing new compensation plans and supervise the work activities within a company to ensure that everybody’s being compensated properly so a pretty straightforward job and typically most companies will like to see that you have some type of relevant College as well as some previous experience and you can expect to earn between 101k$ and 249K$ per year as an HR compensation manager with the average annual salary sitting at about 157K$ per year. 

HR Business Partner 

This job is unique in that unlike a traditional HR position where your job is to perform you know day-to-day administrative tasks or deal with things like the details of the benefits package an HR business partner focuses on the bigger picture of the entire HR department what you’ll be doing is working closely with the senior leadership of a company to help develop the HR strategy to fit a company’s overall business objective and so instead of implementing a policy which is what does somebody in a traditional HR position would you’ll be focusing on developing strategy many companies will want to see a combination of either

related education or previous experience for this shot and in most cases you can expect to earn between 100 and 162k$ per year for this job with the average annual salary sitting at about 103k$ per year.

Project Management Jobs

Project Management
Project Management

Senior Project Manager 

So a regular project manager is somebody Who develops a plan to help get a project finished and they do this typically by developing a plan of action and working across multiple departments to ensure that everybody’s doing what they have to do to ensure the project finishes now a senior project manager is basically the same thing except you’re typically trusted with a much larger and more complex project and most companies typically will like to see some type of relevant college degree as well as previous project management experience or some other type of experience in a related job the pay range for this job is between 98 and 204k$ per year with the average take-home salary sitting at about 126k$ per year. 

Senior Clinical Project Manager 

As the name implies this is basically a project manager but specifically for managing clinical trial teams so a clinical trial if you don’t know is when a company typically a pharmaceutical company researches a new medicine or treatment on a human volunteer now I know that kind of sounds like some alien probing kind of stuff but it’s not but the goal with a clinical trial is to evaluate a medicine or treatment’s effect on a human’s health and so as a senior clinical project manager your job is to oversee the clinical trial from start to finish while staying within the scope of the budget now for every obvious reason this job typically will require you to have some type of relevant college degree something like pharmaceutical Sciences biology chemistry or some other type of relevant major and you can expect to earn between 90 and 189k$ per year with the average salary sitting at about 140k$.

Project Analyst 

Your main responsibility for this job is to manage and develop new projects once the research is executed and data is collected for example a business might decide that it’s time to enter into a new market to help expand the business thinks of like when Coca-Cola decided to start selling Coke coffee right this was an entirely New Market for Coke and so the project analyst is in charge of doing the research to make sure that it’s actually a feasible option for the business to do this the project analyst then provides the project manager with the data they need to then go and make the big picture decisions now because this job is so research has driven most companies will like to see that you have some type of college degree most project analysts will typically have at least an associate’s degree in subjects like Finance business admin public admin computer science or some other related degree plus having a few years of relevant work experience is a big plus now the pay range for this job can vary widely on the low end of the spectrum you can earn about eighty thousand dollars per year and on the high end of the spectrum you could expect to earn about 137k$ per year with the average salary for this job sitting around 100K per year.

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